Hydrotech Drum, Disc and Belt filters

Hydrotech – The World's Leading Microscreen Filters

Hydrotech Drum, Disc & Belt Filters are mechanical, self-cleaning filters designed for high performance in a variety of applications. Our Microscreen Drumfilters are superior in systems where prevention of particle fragmentation is essential. Hydrotech Disc Filters are designed for high flows with fine filter element openings in lightly loaded water. Hydrotech Belt Filters thicken sludge when used in conjunction with a polymer mixing system. Over 6000 Hydrotech Microscreens are operating worldwide, over 900 in North America, and 50 state or federal hatcheries have Hydrotech drum, disc or belt filters. Call us for a reference near you. Read More…

Radial Flow Settler

Radial Flow Settler

Radial Flow Settlers provides a valuable first step in solids removal, and will greatly reduce the amount of solids loading your systems down the line. Radial Flow Settlers are an ideal addition to most wasteware and aquaculture systems.. Read More…

Complete RAS/REUSE systems
OxyGuard Pacific Read More…
WMT MB3 Media

WaterTek MB3
Moving Bed Media

WMT’s WaterTek MB3 polyethylene media is robust, durable, bacteria friendly and delivers a self cleaning outer surface with plenty of protected inner surface area. Complete Moving Bed Biofilter systems are an integral part of WMT's IMF Complete Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) packages.Read More…

Intake * Effluent * De-Gas
WMT specialty Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass Reinforced
Polyester Tanks

We specialize in specialty tanks of many kinds, meeting your designs and specifications or helping you engineer and structure a tank or a system of tanks – above ground or in ground – that works for you. Our wide and varied background for over 35 years has included the manufacturing of swimming pools and spas, fish ponds, aquarium tanks and hazardous waste containers, in addition to our aquaculture products.Read More… One-piece or sectional, rectangular, circular or cone-shaped, sloping or flat bottomed, with or without skirting, we can fill your needs.

OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2

OxyGuard Handy Polaris 2, Portable DO Meter

WMT, the USA distributor for OxyGuard, is pleased to introduce the new Handy Polaris 2 Portable DO Meter. Designed as an advanced solution for dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements with data logging, Polaris 2 is a complete handy oxygen meter for water quality measurement professionals. Includes a datalogger with up to 99 memory blocks and 3000 memory cells and data can be transferred to a PC via USB. Read More…

Engineered Fiberglass Products

Engineered Fiberglass Products

WMT Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester rectangular and round tanks. Read More…

Apollo Fish Graders

Apollo Fish Graders

Read More…

Welcome to Water Management Technologies.

Water Management Technologies, Inc. carries a full line of equipment to satisfy a variety of water quality concerns, and has provided design services, product integration, and equipment sales to the Aquaculture industry for over 15 years. Whether you are installing a new system or upgrading an old one, our team of specialists will provide solutions that work.

Service and Support… Service and support come with every job we do. We carry a full line of spare parts for all our products.

Aquaculture Library… See the many resources on Aquaculture concepts and technology in our exclusive Aquaculture Library.

In The News … WMT was featured in this Fish Farming News article on The Ed Weed Fish Culture Station in Vermont. The article has a great facility overview and highlights some of WMT’s equipment and support. [read more…]

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