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Aero-Tube™ Air Lift, and Aero-Tube™ Diffuser Grid

Three-Grid Aero-Tube air-lift sample image

Aero-Tube™ Air Lift – An Aero-Tube™ Air Lift is specifically designed to incorporate the technology of Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing and our diffuser grids into a complete aerator. The Aero- Tube™ Air Lift system provides high velocity directional flow and excellent vertical mixing in a pond or raceway. The Aero-Tube™ Air Lift allows you to control the water circulation while giving you unmatched energy efficiency in aerating your system. Many of the traditional aeration devices like paddlewheels and aspirator style aerators have a poor track record of reliability and higher overall energy requirements. By utilizing Aero-Tube™ technology, the Air Lift solves both of these problems.

Aero-Tube diffuser grid sample image

Aero-Tube™ Diffuser Grids – Colorite diffuser grids are engineered to optimally use Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing. They provide a quick and easy solution for implementing our technology in your system. Simply connect the grids to an air supply and you will immediately enjoy the high efficiency and low costs associated with Aero-Tube™ technology. The grid is made of injection molded HDPE plastic and comes with 66 feet of Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing attached using stainless steel clamps. Aero-Tube™ diffuser grids can be used in a wide variety of applications from aquaculture to waste water.

By utilizing the Aero-Tube™ diffuser grid, the Aero-Tube™ Air Lift is modular in design so it can be sized up or down to fit the customer’s specific application. Made of reinforced plastic, it is designed to endure the harshest marine and freshwater environments.

Aero-Tube™ Air Lift Components

Aero-Tube sample image

Colorite Plastics, the world’s leading manufacturer of garden hose and aeration tubing, is proud to introduce Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing, the next major advance in aeration. Aero-Tube™ continuous-bubble aeration tubing delivers oxygen in volumes that are unmatched by conventional systems, and at an energy cost that is often less half than that of other systems. There are many options for using Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing technology. From tubing alone to complete system design, Colorite offers a solution for any aeration challenge.

Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing is the heart of Colorite’s aeration technology and is extremely simple to use. Among the benefits of Aero-Tube™ technology are a major reduction in energy costs, significantly higher oxygen transfer rates, higher dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, and an improved bottom line. By combining Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing with an efficient clean air blower, you can create a high efficiency, low cost aeration system. Aero- Tube™ aeration hose is available in rolls of 200 feet. See technical specifications in the chart below and to the right for more information.

Aero-Tube Logo
Technical Information
Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing
Outside Diameter 1.00 inch
Inside Diameter 0.5 inch
Wall Thickness 0.25 inch
Weight 0.22 lbs. per foot
Roll Length 200 ft.
Roll Weight 44 lbs.
Burst Pressure 80 PSI
Optimal Air Flow 0.4 CFM

Colorite offers Aero-Tube™ aeration tubing on a stand-alone basis, and we also offer complete Aero-Tube™ solutions to meet your aeration needs. The complete solution options described below utilize the high energy efficiency of Aero-Tube™ aeration technology and provide the flexibility to perform well in a wide range of applications.

Aero-Tube™ Aeration Tubing Technical Specifications
*Because of the extremely high porosity of the tubing, the product builds very little internal
pressure when operated at recommended flow.
Air Flow Requirements - Aero-Tube Aeration Tubing
  Per Foot Per Meter Per Grid
Oxygen Transfer - Fresh and Saltwater
  Per Foot Per Meter Per Grid
kg O₂ per hour - 0 ppt 0.018 0.061 1.21
kg O₂ per hour - 35 ppt 0.046 0.151 3.025
Typical Operating Pressure*
PSI <1.0
kg/cm² <0.07
Bar <0.028
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