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WMT’s New Belt Feeder, Featuring Stainless Steel Clocks and Belt Shafts

Proven over decades, belt feeders are simple and reliable at delivering feed over a 12 hour period with no electricity. WMT belt feeders are the highest quality in the industry because they feature a stainless steel clock and belt shaft, water resistant cover, and thick vulcanized belt. The body is injection-molded plastic that offers excellent weather resistance and long term durability.

WMT 12 hour Stainless Steel Belt Feeder Clock

WMT 12 hour Belt Feeder Clock

At long last, WMT has quality twelve hour belt feeder clocks at a reasonable price. Featuring a stainless steel mainspring, WMT's clock fits any belt feeder; maxi or mini. This means it is now less expensive to operate belt feeders at your facility.

It is very important to install both the clock and helper spring correctly! Please make sure when you have mounted the helper spring on the feeder and release the tension on the helper spring (by cutting the wire) that the belt is wrapped around the dowel and the clock is unwound. This insures the maximum tension on the helper spring and reduces drag on the clock mainspring.

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  1. Place feeder over rearing unit
  2. Open top
  3. Pull belt
  4. Place feed on belt
  5. Close lid
Mini Belt Feeder Maxi Belt Feeder
Capacity 5 Pounds Capacity 10 Pounds
Length 22 inches Length 22 inches
Width 8 inches Width 12 inches
Height 6 inches Height 6 inches
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