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Hydrolox™ Polymer Screens

The light weight, anti-abrasion, low-maintenance, fish-friendly water screen solution

Hydrolox screens

Hydrolox™ vertical traveling water screens are engineered and constructed to combat the costliest and most persistent water intake diversion and fish protection issues

A Better Water Screen Idea

Hydrolox engineered polymer materials and technology have changed the way irrigation and water management agencies, hatcheries, and environmental protection groups think about water screen performance.

It's proven technology, with significant advantages over wedge wire fixed-plate screens and steel mesh traveling screens, as well as static polymesh screens.

Hydrolox traveling water screens are lighter, longer-lasting, and virtually maintenance-free. Their weight advantage over conventional materials allows them to operate on solar power in remote locations – reducing installation costs and conserving energy.

And they meet NOAA regulations and those of other similar agencies worldwide.

Built-In Strength and Durability

Our water screens derive much of their longevity from a unique drive system in which the modular screen mesh articulates around engineered polymer hinge rods and high-strength sprockets. This reliable system has proven its durability in thousands of applications.

All Hydrolox mesh components are molded in-house. Large inventories are maintained for meeting standard and emergency deliveries.

The Modular Screen Concept

Hydrolox Screens

Hydrolox water screens are assembled in an interlocked, bricklayed pattern with full-length hinge rods – an inherently strong system that allows fast, on-site maintenance and repairs with minimal tools, which is especially important at remote locations.

Module surfaces are easy to clean and are less likely to biofoul. In addition, they are resistant to ice adhesion. Screens are manufactured to virtually any length and width.

Extended Water Screen Life

Abrasion-resistant materials and innovative design combine to produce Hydrolox traveling water screens that are proven to last longer than traditional steel mesh traveling screens.

And over the course of their extended service life, they require far less frequent maintenance.

Major Screen Issues Steel Vertical Traveling Screen Problems Hydrolox™ Engineered Polymer Vertical Traveling Screen Solutions
Capital Cost
  • Expensive systems with high installation costs.
  • Lowers capital costs for new installations or replacements by up to 50%.
Screen Life
  • Screen life severely limited by highly abrasive environments.
  • Uneven wear shortens screen life.
  • Engineered polymer screen life 2-5 times longer than steel.
  • Positive drive system eliminates uneven wear and mistracking.
  • Time spent on maintenance increased by submerged moving parts.
  • Zero submerged moving parts.
  • Near-zero unscheduled maintenance and downtime.
Operational Costs
  • Requires frequent maintenance, including repairs that cannot be done on site.
  • Heavy steel requires more power to operate.
  • Modular design allows for repairs to be made on site and lowers operational costs.
  • Light-weight materials can even be run by solar power.
  • Woven wire mesh clogs easily and is difficult to clean.
  • Self cleaning feature minimizes clogging.
  • Optional spray bars facilitate cleaning process.
  • Steel components likely to bio-foul.
  • Engineered polymer minimizes bio-foul.
  • Optional additives are available to eliminate bio-foul.
Fish Protection
  • Difficult to seal.
  • Prone to fish entrainment.
  • Third party tests show zero impingement and zero entrainment.
  • Meets NOAA criteria.
  • Smooth surface and tight seals minimize de-scaling.
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