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Packed Columns

WMT offers Packed Columns fabricated in Fiberglass or aluminum construction. Either packed column type can be built with a splash plate design or packed with a specific packing media. WMT can also deliver the column with an oxygen inlet port and a bolt on bottom extension to convert the de gas column into a vacuum oxygen injection column.

Manufactured in aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass or polyethylene, WMT packed columns are robust and durable.

WMT Packed Column, 500 gpm, H2S Stripping

Water supersaturated with Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide or Hydrogen Sulfide may be harmful to fish. De- Gassing is an efficient, reliable technique for stripping these and other gases from water. WMT develops and manufactures high performance packed columns for custom applications.

WMT's Packed Columns employ uniform media (NSW) to insure maximum performance and minimal clogging. Unlike random pack design our uniform packing assures even water flow and consistent de-gassing. This also allows WMT to predict performance.

WMT's computer model predicts Packed Column performance based on specific application variables. Fill out an application data sheet and WMT can present design pricing and performance.

Water enters the top of the column and gravity flows through the media, increasing the gas to liquid interface. The unwanted supersaturated gas (nitrogen) is displaced with oxygen/air to approach equilibrium.


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