HydroTech Drum Filters

Hydrotech Microscreen Drum & Disc Filters are mechanical, self-cleaning filters designed to achieve high performance in systems where prevention of particle fragmentation is essential.

Solids laden water gravity flows through the filter and solids catch on the inside of the screen.

Clean water passes through the screen as a backwash rinse system backs the solids off the screen and into a sludge trough. Hydrotech Microscreens work without pressure and are designed with few moving parts to ensure long life and low maintenance costs.

Hydrotech Drumfilters, which are made in about 20 standard sizes, are used for large flows and for removing sensitive particles to avoid fragmentation.

Hydrotech Drumfilters, like Hydrotech Discfilters, can be operated continuously or in a form of operation in which the microscreen is automatically controlled by demand. Both types of filter can be delivered with or without a tank.

The Hydrotech Drumfilter is a mechanical and self cleaning filter specially designed with a view to achieving high performance in systems where it is essential to prevent the particles from fragmentation.

The filter works without pressure and is robustly designed with few moving parts to ensure long life and low maintenance costs.

Hydrotech's patented filter elements greatly simplify both the replacement and change out of the filter opening size. The drum is constructed in sections, each with three, four or five filter elements depending on diameter. This facilitates maintenance and makes it easy to adapt the filter to actual need of flow capacity and performance requirements of filtration. Drum and tank are made of stainless or acidproof steel. For use in extremely corrosive surroundings, the filter can be equipped with drum made of titanium and tank made of GRP. The filter elements' structure, bearing wheels and main shaft bearing are made of resistant plastics. The filter cloth is made of acid proof steel or polyester.

The operation of the drumfilter can be continous or automatically controlled. Different types of automatic control systems are available. Careful handling of the solids to prevent fragmentation is essential to achieve high filtration efficiency. Hydrotechs unique design of the filter elements makes this possible. The liquid is filtered through the periphery of the slowly rotating drum. Assisted by the filter elements' special cell structure, the particles are carefully separated from the liquid. Separated solids are rinsed off the filter cloth into the solids collection tray and discharged.