WaterTek Guardian Auto-Dialer

The WaterTek Guardian monitors up to 4 analog or digital input channels and call 8 preprogrammed phone numbers over a standard telephone line to provide alarm information in the form of a digitally recorded voice message.

Alarm calls can be made to any standard phone, pager, cell phone, and voice mail. Users can call in for a status report from any remote touch-tone phone. Guardian is field programmable at the control panel.


Telephone: Rotary pulse or tone dialing. Dials up to 8 different numbers, each up to 60 digits long. Time between alarm and phone calls programmable 0.1 to 99.9 minutes. Smart calling call progress monitoring detects dial tone, basic ringback and busy signal. Alarm acknowledgement by touch tone key or callback.

Compatible with most pager, cellular, and voicemail systems. User-furnished standard touch tone handset required for programming FCC registered.

Programming: Standard phone jack on front panel for programming phone. Voice menu instructions guide programming.

Speech Messages: User digitally records five messages, station ID and four channel alarm messages. High definition digital recordingsup to 12 seconds per message. Resident synthesized voice vocabulary for programming guidance.

Factory Options: Power Supply, UL Class 2 120 VAC 50/60 Hz adaptor. Battery backup, internal 6 volt; 4 AH gel cell provides 20 hours operation during power failure. NEMA 4X enclosure. Cellularm cellular communication system.

Warranty: Two year parts and labor warranty. See separate warranty card for details.


Power Consumption: 200 mA minimum standby 500 mA maximum active

Power Failure: Automatic Alarm for external power failure.

Battery Charging: Precision voltage controlled, automatic rapid recharge after drain.

Universal Signal Inputs: Digital Inputs – open contacts see 5VDC, closed contacts see 5 mA DC; Analog Inputs – 4-20 mA, single ended. Maximum voltage drop 10 VDC. Resolution: 0.2%; absolute accuracy 0.5%

Local Alarm Relay: Transistor output for TLL or relay drive (500 mA 24 VDC max) activated during unacknowledged alarm. RJ 11 Telephone line jack for connection to public telephone network.


Surge Protection: Solid state protection on phone, power, and signal lines.

Enclosure: Single circuit card in durable steel cabinet designedfor mounting on control panel wall or flush mounted inside a larger enclosure with faceplate visible.

Weight: 4 pounds 6 ounces with battery.

Dimensions: 6.85 “ H x 8.85” W x 2.85"D

Mounting Centers: 3.6"Hx9"W


Temperature range: 20 to 130 F.

Humidity: 0 to 95%, noncondensing.


Guardian Autodialer $890.00 USD
Guardian AC Power Supply $45.00 USD
Guardian Battery Back-up $50.00 USD
Guardian Nema 4X Enclosure $120.00 USD