In The News … WMT was featured in this Fish Farming News article on The Ed Weed Fish Culture Station in Vermont. The article has a great facility overview and highlights some of WMT’s equipment and support. [read more…]

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Featured Industry Articles

Fish Farming News Article

Coleman NFH

WMT was pleased to work closely with The Ed Weed Fish Culture Station in Vermont. The following site visit and article by Fish Farming News is a great facility overview and highlights some of WMT's equipment and support: "A look inside Vermont's Ed Weed Fish Culture Station: Blending good people, top technology to do more for less." Reprinted by permission as an Acrobat PDF (4MB) …

Efficiency of a Hydrotech Drumfilter as Particle Separator in a recirculated system

The efficiency of Hydrotech´s filters in aquaculture applications are proven in several tests. However, different mesh sizes have not been emphasised enough. One of the most extensive investigations has now been carried out at DIFTA in Denmark in a recirculated eel farm as part of a "blue" label project supported by the Commission of the European Union (Fair CT-9158). Read More…

HYDROTECH Saving Energy on Rinse Water System

In 1997 a Hydrotech Drumfilter model HDF2007-2S was installed at a trout farm in Denmark. The Drumfilter was installed with a standard control box for high level control of a rinse water system flow averaging approximately 350 l/s filtration at 60 microns. Inlet water quality at this location is generally very high, but in the Spring and Fall the levels of suspended solids increase considerably, causing increased downstream loading on the Drumfilter. Read More…

WMT's Deluxe Belt Feeder Conversion Kits

WMT's Deluxe Belt Feeder Conversion Kits employs superior belt material! Many of our customers informed us that over time old belt material has a tendency to develop a "memory"; The belt stands up after being rolled up tight on the dowel all year. When spring arrives and only small amounts of feed are required to feed fry, this belt problem is a nuisance to fish culturalists. Read More…

Highlighted Projects

Fish Counter & Coleman NFH

Coleman NFH

Coleman NFH, located in Anderson California is the largest salmon hatchery in the contiguous 48 US states. Imagine feeding 842 metric tons of fish food per year! The Coleman NFH was established in 1942 to mitigate the loss of natural salmon spawning grounds as a result of the construction of Shasta and Keswick Dams. Read More…

LHO’s & White Sulphur Springs National Fish Hatchery

White Sulphur Springs Ranger Station

The hatchery employs serial reuse raceways but the overall design suffers from very little head. In other words, there is little "fall" between the raceways to allow for re-aeration and the same water passes through more that 10 successive raceways. A total of 5 LHO’s were designed and installed in the facility. Read More…

Washington Dept of Fish & Game Selects High Speed Fish Counter from WMT

Merwin Fish Hatchery

WMT designed and built a de-watering device capable of de-watering the majority of the flow and delivering the fish unharmed to a fish counter. An 8 inch gate valve allows the flow to be adjusted and a small bulkhead fitting feeds the counter approximately 30-50 gpm. Read More…

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