Aquascan Fish Counters

Aquascan2AquaScan Fish Counters Ltd

Joining a growing list of quality manufacturers carefully selected from leading companies from around the world – has granted WMT exclusive distribution rights for all AquaScan products in North America.

AquaScan Fish counters, employ advanced digital camera technology (ADCT). ADCT is not constrained by the need to make each fish pass through the counter in a single file manner. In addition to accurate high speed counting, AquaScan also offers excellent weight estimates of farmed fish.

Aquascan1The AquaScan Control Unit

(pictured with the Registration Units CSE1600, CSE2500 and CSE3150) includes software-parameters, correlating fish shape with fish weight and are capable of counting fish from 2 grams to 7 Kg with +98% accuracy. The patented counting principle, gives both high capacity and accuracy, while fish flow freely through a pipe and pass an advanced camera/measuring system, which will register the size and speed of the passing fish.

AquaScan Registation Unit CSE3500

Aquascan CSE3500(Flange to pipe adapters are optional with this model.)

The system is specifically designed for counting fish being transported in pipes. This allows the fish unrestricted passage through the counter and keeps the need to change the existing equipment to suit the counter to a minimum. The user can easily connect the counter into his existing pipes/graders/arrangement.

The counter is not dependent on the fish passing one by one. When several fish pass simultaneously the control unit software will utilize a continuously updated mean for calculation. The robust and reliable electronics of the system will always provide the total number of fish passing through the unit.

Contrary to other counting systems, this system is not dependent on any space between the passing fish. It is this feature that gives the AquaScan a virtually unlimited capacity and high accuracy. The AquaScan is easy to use and suitable for direct fish pump or grading machine feeding.

The CSE-series was introduced in 2000. Its counters are even tougher, tighter and still easily installed, with connection to either a flange or collar/pipe. These units are built up in modules, and if necessary the small water-tight electronic box inside the chassis may easily be released for service or replacement.