Ceramic Oxygen Diffusers

The ECD200 and the larger ECD400 diffusers are specifically designed for fish tank oxygenation. This unique design improves water circulation and oxygen transfer efficiency. The diffusers are constructed of premium materials in an innovative manner to ensure product durability and ultimate performance.

ECD400 and ECD200 model Ceramic Diffusers
ECD 200 Ceramic Oxygen Diffuser
Allow us to daisy chain your diffusers to accommodate your oxygen needs.
Air Lift in a Ceramic Diffuser
Airlift Principle delivers water to the O2 bubble cloud minimizing bubble coalesce.
Ceramic Diffuser base and fitting close-up 2
Corrosion proof polyurethane base with secure stainless steel fittings. No dissimilarity of metals.

As the owner and manager of a commercial RAS tilapia production operation, I have tried many different brands of micro-pore diffusers, and had not found a combination of a diffuser that is ef?cient and durable. I have a stack of failed diffusers at my farm. I have been using the ECD 400 for three months now, and am very impressed. Upon receiving the stone, I could see that there was no substantial gap between the ceramic stone and the base, which is where my previous stones had failed. I had the stone in one of my nursery production tanks to get an equal comparison with my other micro-pore diffusers. The things I noticed were that the bubbles stay spread out and don’t seem to coalesce as much as my other stones. I even tried running more ?ow through the stone than I normally do, and the bubble size seemed to remain the same size. Throughout the use I have noticed that I do not get the buildup of solids under the diffusor that I had been getting with my other diffusers. I have moved my ECD 400 to my live haul truck to see if it can handle the abuse of being on the truck. I would recommend these stones to anyone looking for a durable cost effective micropore diffuser.

– Phil Shambach

Model Number: ECD 200 ECD 400
Diffusing Area: 200cm2 / 31in2 400cm2 / 62in2
Operating Range:
?225x40mm high
?9x 1 ? inches high
?292x40mm high
?11? x 1 ? inches high
Weight (Net): ?1.25kg / 2.75 lb. ?2.38kg / 5.25 lb.
Gas inlet Fittings: All units are fitted with a 316 SS ??NPT female
thread suitable to fit your own hose connectors.

The Ceramic Oxygen Diffusers Brochure is available for preview and download here.