Gas Management Tower

WMT’s GMT offers degassing, aeration and oxygen injection in a compact integrated design.

Gas Management in aquaculture covers a wide range of applications:

  • CO2 Stripping
  • Aeration
  • Super Saturation of Nitrogen – Total Gas Pressure (TGP)
  • Oxygen Injection
  • Ozone Injection

WMT’s GMT addresses all of these water treatment processes, but not simultaneously. With two styles to choose from, free standing or our integrated sump style, WMT’s GMT assures reliable gas management in an extensive range of purposes. In Reuse and Recycle aquaculture applications, the GMT usually consists of a CO2 stripper on top and an LHO below.


  • Multiple water treatment processes in a compact footprint
  • Fiberglass construction for fresh or saltwater use
  • Optional Ozone tolerant resin for LHO ozone injection
  • Sectional bolt together design for cost effective shipping and ease of installation
  • Accessible internals to permit cleaning and maintenance


  • Flow Through
  • Reuse
  • Recycle