Industrial Applications

As climate change and growing environmental awareness drives effluent standards and water re-use initiatives, UV treatment is fast becoming a "must have" treatment on waste water and process water. With an impressive international client portfolio and vast amount of experience in the Ultraviolet industry, ULTRAAQUA are leading the way in the custom design of Ultraviolet technology systems.

ULTRAAQUA UV technology have researched the waste water industry and identified a need for a range of UV systems which are easy to install into a pipeline, can deal with a wide range of water qualities and offer a high output within a small foot print.

System sizing is a function of:

  • flow rate
  • transmittance of the waste stream
  • microbial challenge and discharge consent
  • degree of standby (if any)

To achieve 100% particle free and sterile water we recommend ULTRAAQUAs membrane system - a pioneer within membrane filtration technology and are specialized in filtration of wastewater and process water. Through the years ULTRAAQUA has delivered many plants for filtration of backwash water from filters and process water, to obtain particle free and sterile water.

UV systems for industrial applications

All of the ULTRAAQUAs products are designed for insertion directly into a pipe. ULTRAAQUA engineers will be pleased to help you find the right solution. We are in a position to offer standard products as well as custom made solutions designed two meet your requirements.