Matsusaka Fish Pumps

Extremely low running noise, High transfer capability with less power consumption. Also available for transfer of fingerlings.

In addition to the Z65L model, the Z-100 and Z-150 models are available in two styles: for Freshwater or Saltwater


  • Adoption of an inverter facilitates optimum control of the pump speed for ideal transfer of live fish including fingerlings
  • Small and lightweight... easy to move
  • Mirror like polished inner surface plus special anti-corrosive treatment to protect fish from damage
  • Unmanned fish transfer from cage to cage, pond to pond, and cage/pond to live fish carrier
  • Can work in tandem with an automatic fish grader


We love the Matsusaka pump we bought from you. Easy to use and gentle on the fish. Great purchase!

Ken Osika
Fish Culturist III
Bath State Fish Hatchery

The pump is working great and I am happy we have made that transition. This hatchery has been loading with nets into a gravity type of transfer to lower raceways. The pump is a great improvement. We haven't used the 4 inch yet only the 2-1/2.

Bob Turik
Hatchery Manager -Little White Salmon NFH
Columbia River Gorge NFH Complex

Z150L/Z150L-S Matsusaka Fish Pump

Technical Specifications

  • Suction / Discharge Size: 150mm (6in)
  • Main Pump output: 5.5kW (7.5HP)
  • Exhaust (air vent) Motor Output: 1.5kW (2HP)
  • Weight: 450kg
  • Max Water Discharge Capacity: 4.0 t/min.
  • Max Fish Transfer Capacity: 24 t/hr. (based on minimum pumping heads)
  • Max Transfer Height (with flow): 8.5 m

Z100L/Z100L-S Matsusaka Fish Pump

Technical Specifications

  • Suction Nozzle Size: 100mm
  • Discharge Nozzle Size: 100mm
  • Main Pump Output: 2.2kW
  • Exhaust (Air Vent) pump output: 1.5kW
  • Transferable Fish Weight
  • Trout, Salmon, Eel, etc.: 1g ~ 250g
  • Sea Bream: 1g ~ 80g
  • Weight: 220kg
  • Max Discharge: 80 t/hr
  • Max Transfer Capability (about 10% of water discharge): 8 t/hr approx.
  • Max Transfer Height: 6m

Please Note: Pump is unable to meet all the specified performance data simultaneously because its performance depends on actual operating conditions.

Standard Accessories

  • Hose Coupling to connect the suction and discharge hoses....2 pc.
  • Suction Mouth ....1 pc.


  • One touch release type hose coupling. Finely finished inner surface to protect fish from damage.
  • Special Hose. Lightweight, Flexible, Clean
  • Stainless Steel Suction Mouth. Specially designed so as not to suck up fishnets.
  • Special Attachment for Connection of Reduced Diameter Hose. This allows use of 75mm and 656mm diameter hoses.
  • Stationary type suction mouth (bell shaped). When installed on pond bottom unit sucks fish by utilizing their habit of staying in shaded area.

Z65L Matsusaka Fish Pump

World's first fingerling transfer pump

The pump casing and impeller are ideally molded for transfer of fingerings by the newly developed FRP molding technique.

Smooth Surface gentle on fingerlings

The mirror like finish on inner surfaces protects fingerlings from stress and damage.

Reduces Labor

Avoid labor-intensive hand transfers by buckets.

Saves Time

The pump ensures smooth and speedy transfer of fingerlings.

Small and lightweight

The compact and lightweight body (550 mm width, 118 kg) allows the pump to be easily maneuvered around tight facilities.

Flexible flow velocity control

The inverter allows transfer of fingerlings at optimum flow velocity

Technical Specifications

  • Suction flange size: 65mm
  • Discharge flange size: 65mm
  • *(50 mm connection size available by use of reduced hose attachment option)
  • Main pump output: 1. 5 kW
  • Exhaust pump output: 0.75kW
  • Weight: 118kg
  • Max water discharge capacity: 38t/h
  • Max transfer capacity: 4 t/h (approx. 10% of max discharge capacity)
  • Max transfer Height: 6m
  • Max transfer distance: 100m

Please Note: Pump is unable to meet all the specified performance data simultaneously because its performance depends on actual operating conditions.

Standard Accessories

  • Hose coupling connection to pump unit -- 2pcs.
  • Suction-mouth (bell shape) -- 1pcs.


  • One-touch release type hose coupling for live fish (Fine-finished inner surface)
  • Exclusive hose (lightweight, flexible, transparent), and Reduced hose attachment (50 mm diameter hose connection by use of this)
  • Stationary type suction mouth (bell shaped) Installed on pond bottom and sucks fishes utilizing the fish habit of staying at shaded area)

*The above specifications are subject to change.