Medium Pressure Uv Systems


The system consists of a UV chamber and a separate control module which houses the electrical components that operate the lamps. The control module can be delivered with up to 15 meter cable to the uv chamber as an option.

The chamber is designed to ensure optimum disinfection of the liquid and has all the features to control and optimise this process. There will be now need to buy sensor and other equipment since i comes fully equiped as standard. The design of the chamber is based on hydrodynamics plus easy and swift service. The head loss is almost non eksisting. These parameters, together with the low cost for installation, are the key features of the unit.

In case of a mechanical problem with the UV lamp, the advanced electronic ballast will signal, thus giving the operator the possibility to undertake the appropriate action.

MultiRay UV systems

Alarms are given both visually on the touch screen and electronically to any remote control or monitoring unit. Side access end caps allow for easy replacement and servicing of the lamps. The UV lamps need to remain in a horizontal position to ensure its optimum homogeneous emmittance.

The chamber can be mounted horizontally or vertically by means of rotating the chamber over its axis. This offers total mounting flexibility.