OxyGuard Air Alarm

The OxyGuard AirAlarm is a surveillance and warning system for monitoring the oxygen content of the ambient atmosphere in larger spaces where it is important that a certain oxygen content is maintained.

There are several types of application:

  • To ensure that air is safe to breathe in places where the air is likely to contain some "foreign" gas (which could also be oxygen!)
  • As a surveillance unit to give warning of the undesired presence of other gases, e.g. due to leakage (this can be performed by monitoring the ventilation air outlet).
  • As a surveillance unit to monitor gases that must have a controlled, low, oxygen content, as for food storage atmosphere or blanket gas for petroleum products.
  • To monitor the composition of an oxygen/gas mixture.

Please note that the OxyGuard Gas Measurement Cell is found for monitoring the oxygen content of a piped gas. OxyGuard oxygen probes for gas measurement can also be mounted in a by-pass pipe or on a flange.

NB. A version of the OxyGuard probe with UL certification as "Simple Apparatus" is found for use in EX classified areas.

Technical Advantages

The AirAlarm consists of an OxyGuard Oxygen Measurement Probe in a special measurement and calibration chamber, as shown in the drawing overleaf. The AirAlarm is easy-to-use and accurate. The calibration gas connection is permanently established - just turn on the calibration gas flow to calibrate or check the system. A spring-loaded valve ensures that calibration gas cannot leak from the piping after calibration is finished. A calibration and/or check that can be relied on takes just a few minutes!

OxyGuard probes can measure correctly in air, i.e. at relatively high oxygen levels, for a very long period of time without the need for maintenance. This unsurpassed reliability makes the system exceptionally well suited to surveillance and safety purposes. A fault in the probe, e.g. due to lack of maintenance, will entail that the usual output signal will disappear and thus trigger alarm.

The output signal from the probe is connected to a suitable monitoring unit, such as an OxyGuard unit with fail-safe alarm functions.

The AirAlarm can also be fitted with a Model 420 or Model 840 probe. These are both 2-wire 4-20 mA probe/transmitters, i.e. units powered by the 4-20 mA measurement circuit itself.