OxyGuard Commander

A new concept for measurement and control

  1. Unsurpassed overview and security.
  2. Easy to optimize operation - both of daily production and strategic operation.
  3. Add measurement and control anywhere, any time just plug a new unit into the data link
  4. Remote Monitoring - Access the system from anywhere! If you're in the field just connect a PC to the data link - If you're in the office just use the nearest PC - If you're further away use the internet!
  5. Only a single data cable for all signals right up to the point of measurement!
  6. Radio link for even more freedom and flexibility and it can run on solar cells!
  7. Range of units for easy system construction just add a unit for more measurement and control.
  8. Easy integration with other systems link measurement and control with other functions - feeding - illumination etc.

An Introduction to the System

The OxyGuard Commander is a water quality monitoring, metering, and control system with practically unlimited capabilities. Commander combines newly designed input and output units and software with a tried-and tested bus network to provide both small and large users with a very economic solution that is easily and precisely adapted to their exact needs. The various Commander input and output units and the flexibility of its software enable it to be used for most metering, monitoring and control functions found in a modern aquaculture facility.

Instead of individual cables, the parts of a Commander system are connected together by a single data cable. The cable is just 6 mm thick, and has only four cores plus screen. This fieldbus, as it is called, carries all input and output signals, so to build up a system you just connect the units you need to the same one cable. Commander components include input units, output units, an alarm unit, a radio link unit, a master unit and PC software. The bus network also permits other equipment (e.g. flowmeters, level sensors) to be integrated into the system.

Commander Systems can, just like the traditional OxyGuard multi-channel systems, be extended and adapted, but the Commander provides possibilities far beyond the scope of any traditional system. There is no limit to the number of channels that can be incorporated - just add the units you need - and the system can be divided into sections that will function alone even if connection to the rest of the bus network is broken. Wiring is greatly reduced since input and output units can be placed close to where the actual measurements are made or to where control is effected.

Via a PC running the main Commander program connection is possible both to other fieldbus systems and other computers. The latter can be performed through the office network or through the internet. A Commander System can thus become a part of the overall data system of the fish farm or mother company, enabling operation to be finely tuned to market demand trends to give a strategic advantage.

Making a Commander system is easy. You start with a Master Box containing a Master Unit, field bus communication unit, data log unit or units as well as a power supply and battery back up. DO Meters are added as needed, connected to the Master Box by the field bus cable. An Output Box or boxes containing output units connected to magnetic valves will provide oxygen dosing. All this forms a section large enough for many installations. A field bus connection to a main PC provides the user interface.

You can add units - or whole sections - as you need. Use the radio link to transmit data where a cable connection is inappropriate. Large systems can be divided into independent sections, each with its Master Box. The performance of one section will not be affected by whether or not any other section is switched off or disconnected for any reason.

Commander incorporates a number of improvements representing state-of-the-art in DO measurement and water quality control. These are outlined in the Download Product information.