OxyGuard D.O. Profile

The OxyGuard Profile is a small dissolved oxygen probe with a very fast response time and a short temperature equilibrium time. It is designed specially for profiling measurements in ponds, lakes and the sea. It is (unlike other types of dissolved oxygen probe) NOT sensitive to hydrogen sulphide!

The measurement process in standard dissolved oxygen probes is such that the whole probe must attain temperature equilibrium with the surroundings before correct measurements are obtained. The OxyGuard Profile overcomes this problem - it measures correctly immediately thanks to its innovative and technologically advanced design!

As with all OxyGuard dissolved oxygen probes, the Profile has built-in temperature compensation. It delivers a millivolt output directly proportional to the oxygen pressure that it senses. The electronics needed to process the probe output can therefore be very simple!

The OxyGuard Profile is delivered with a M18 x 1 mm thread mount and 50 cm leads as illustrated, but can be delivered in other configurations on request.

Technical Information


DO Profile

Output Signal: Approx. 10 mV at 100% sat.

Temperature Compensation: Built into probe.

Response Time: Oxygen: 90% within 10 sec. for a 100% step change, same temp.

Temperature compensation: >10 sec. per 10°C

Connections: Delivered with 2 x 50 cm 0.25 mm 2 wires or as ordered

Accuracy (oxygen): +/- 1% of measured value. together

Accuracy (temp. comp.): +/- 2% of measured value between 5 and 25°C

Suitable Amplifier Requirements:

Input Impedance: Minimum 2 megohm

Galvanic Isolation: Recommended

Ordering Information

D041M18: OxyGuard DO Profile probe, M18 mount, with accessories, for %sat measurements.

D04XE250: 250 ml. electrolyte;

D04XM: 25 membranes.