OxyGuard Gas Measurement Cell

This gas measurement cell consists of an oxyguard probe mounted in a solid plastic cabinet with hose fittings. the cabinet is designed for mounting on any vertical surface.

The gas measurement cell can be used to measure the purity of oxygen from oxygen generators, to monitor the oxygen content of gases containing oxygen and to monitor gases that must not contain oxygen. the type of oxygen probe and transmitter are chosen to suit the actual application. the cell can be used with any oxyguard transmitter or monitoring system, but can also be fitted with the model 420 2-wire combined probe/transmitter.


Size: h x b x d 160 x 120 x 95 mm.

Range: 0,0 to 100,0% oxygen or as ordered

Material: ABS

Temperature: 0 to +40°C

Connections: 1/4" hose or pipe thread

Cable length: 5 m standard