OxyGuard Handy Atmosphere

A new concept in pocket-size meters – Unique in Design, Unique in Performance!

OxyGuard know-how, reliability and ease of use are put together with an innovative design concept in the New Handy range of instruments, including the Handy Atmosphere, setting new standards for hand held meters! The Handy Atmosphere can measure high and low levels of gaseous oxygen, and is ideal for checking MAP gas, environmental air and the purity of oxygen or nitrogen from PSA generators.

Easy to use: Cylindrical design - feels comfortable in the hand. Flat foil pushbuttons - no protruding controls. OxyGuard technology - always ready for immediate measurement. Illuminated display. Clip for easy fixing to your belt or note board.

Waterproof: The flat foil seals the front, O-ring seal for rear cover.

Strong: The casing is machined from a solid block of POM.