OxyGuard Handy Delta

OxyGuard are proud to introduce the new flagship of the Handy Line - the Handy Delta. The OxyGuard Handy range of instruments has already set new standards for hand held oxygenmeters by combining OxyGuard knowhow, reliability and ease of use with a new design concept. The Delta adds the facilities a microprocessor can provide - data logging, automatic calibration, atmospheric pressure compensation and comprehensive display. The result is probably the best Handy ever made.

Easy to use: Cylindrical design lies easy in the hand. Flat foil pushbuttons - no protruding controls. Easy menu operation. OxyGuard technology - always ready for immediate measurement. Illuminated display. Clip for easy fixing to your belt or note board.

Versatile: Automatic calibration, data logging , pressure compensation.

Waterproof: Will survive beging dropped into the water.

Strong: The casing is machined from a solid block of POM.

Technical Advantages

  • Automatic calibration with stability check.
  • Data logging - one-off or time interval.
  • Compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure
  • Simple microprocessor operation!
  • Lies well in the hand with no protruding knobs - has easy to use flat foil pushbuttons
  • Waterproof – floats - can be used in all kinds of weather!
  • Galvanic type probe with no warm up time - it is always ready for use.
  • Fully temperature compensated – no dials to set.
  • Remarkably short response time.
  • Probe stores dry – easy to use and store, and easy to obtain a quick and reliable calibration.
  • Excellent long-term stability – one daily calibration check is more than enough.
  • Tough membrane – can be wiped clean with cloth or paper.
  • Probe does not need regular service or renovation.
  • Runs for more than 1000 hours on standard 9V battery.
  • Illuminated display .
  • Special highly flexible cable.


Handy Delta

Probe Type: Galvanic cell, self polarizing, self temperature compensating.
Cable Length: Standard 3 m. Any length available on request.
Operating Conditions: Probe: -5 to 50°C, meter -20 to 50°C.
Measuring Range: Depends on probe. Standard: 0-50.0 ppm (mg/l) and 0-600% saturation. Temperature -5 to +50°C Display limit more than 199.9 ppm (mg/l) and 1999% saturation.
Accuracy: Depends on calibration accuracy. Typically better than +/- 1% of measured value +/- 1 digit within the standard measuring range.
Repeatability: Typically better than +/- 0.5% of measured value.
Response Time: 90% of end value in less than 10 seconds.
Accuracy, Temperature: +/- 0.2°C.
Salinity Compensation: 0-50 ppt salinity. Set manually using pushbuttons.
Dimensions: 96 mm diameter x 36 mm + belt clip (if used).
Data Logging: Manual (event) or automatic (time interval, from 2 to 60 minute intervals).
Memory Capacity: 52 sets of four parameters (mg/l, %sat, temperature and barometric pressure).
Standard Accessories: Spare membrane cap, membranes, electrolyte and storage pouch.

Ordering Information

H01D: Handy Delta supplied with standard accessories. The meters are delivered ready for immediate use.


H10ACC: Accessory kit: membrane cap, 5 membranes & O-rings, 50 ml electrolyte and tool.
D10E1500: 500 ml electrolyte.
D10E11L: 1 liter electrolyte.
H10MEM: Membrane kit: 25 membranes & O-rings.
H10CAP: Membrane cap with membrane.
H01XC1: Extra cable per meter.
H10PC: Probe protection cap.
H10PO: Pouch
H10TOOL: Membrane installation tool.