OxyGuard Handy pH

The OxyGuard Handy pH is a hand-held, pocket size pH/redox meter designed for use in demanding, wet environments. The meter itself and the electrode assembly are waterproof. This instrument does not suffer from the classical problems associated with pH meters - the Handy pH is sealed so that water cannot enter the top of the electrode or the electronics. You can drop it into the water without damaging it!

Technical Advantages

  • Tried-and-tested construction uses standard buffer solutions available anywhere.
  • Fixed cable with waterproof cable glands - no connector problems.
  • Electrode assembly with hermetically sealed preamplifier eliminates electrical noise and moisture problems.
  • The electrode can be exchanged in a few seconds.
  • Large, stable display with "lo batt" indicator.
  • 500 hours continuous operation from a standard 9V battery.
  • Easy temperature compensation - just set the dial!
  • Comes complete with carrying pouch and 2 bottles of buffer solution.
  • Also measures redox - just fit a redox electrode, switch to "Redox" and measure.


Measuring range, pH: pH 0.00 to 14.00
Measuring range, redox: 0-1999 mV, positive or negative
Temperature compensation range: 0 - 50°C
Cable length: 1.5 meters
Operating conditions: 0 - 50°C

Ordering Information

H04P: Handy pH unit complete with pH electrode, pouch and standard accessories.
H04R: Handy pH unit complete with redox/ORP probe, pouch and standard accessories.
H04XEKIT: pH buffer solution kit, holder, 2 x 250 ml buffer and 250 ml cleaning water in pouch.
H04XPEL: Handy pH electrode.
H04XE4: 250 ml pH4 buffer solution.
H04XREL: Handy redox/ORP electrode.
H04XE7: 250 ml pH7 buffer solution.