OxyGuard Heavy-Duty Immersion pH Probe

This immersion probe is designed for use in turbulent liquids, i.e. in open tanks and vessels where powerful agitation is found. The electrode, a heavy duty combination electrode with three ceramic inserts for the reference electrolyte, is protected by a sturdy cage, which can be unscrewed. This construction affords good protection and at the same time permits easy inspection and service of the electrode.

A preamplifier is mounted immediately above the electrode. This eliminates the problems due to electrical noise and sensitivity to moisture that are often found with pH measurements.

The system uses a liquid reference electrolyte. This type of electrolyte has proved to give longest electrode life and fewest measurement problems. An electrolyte container is found at the top of the probe. The height difference between the container and the electrode is usually sufficient to ensure a positive outflow of electrolyte through the ceramic inserts, but the container can be pressurized with compressed air.

The probe is either fitted with a temperature sensor in a stainless steel sleeve for automatic temperature compensation, or with a stainless steel rod. The probe can be fixed using a flange, as shown, or by using pipe clamps as indicated overleaf. The probe can be delivered in PVC, PP or PVDF, the latter on request.

The electrode measures between pH 0 and 14, and can be used at up to 130°C.

The probe is shipped complete with 4 m cable for connection to an OxyGuard transmitter.

Ordering Information

The ordering number is made up with the format K04XXXXX as follows: OxyGuard Immersion pH probe, mount, temp.sensor, material, length.

Specification Format Format Key
Mount K04X____ K04F____ = flange
K04S____ = screw-on pipe clamp
K04C____ = clip-on pipe clamp
Temperature Sensor K04_X___ K04_T___ = with temperature sensor
K04_N___ = without temperature sensor
Materials K04__X__ K04__V__ = PVC (for temperatures up to 60°C)
K04__P__ = PP (for temperatures up to 100°C)
K04__D__ = PVDF (for temperatures up to 130°C) (on request)
Immersion Length K04___XX K04___05 = 500 (mm)
K04___10 = 1000 (mm)
K04___15 = 1500 (mm)
K04___20 = 2000 (mm)


K10PELS: Heavy-duty pH electrode for immersion probe.
K10E4500: 500 ml pH 4 calibration buffer.
K10E7500: 500 ml pH 7 calibration buffer.
K10E41L: 1 l pH 4 calibration buffer.
K10E71L: 1 l pH 7 calibration buffer.
K103M0500: 500 ml 3 mol. KCL reference electrolyte
K103M01L: 1 l 3 mol. KCL reference electrolyte.
K10TEMP: Temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation in pH Alpha and pH Plus.