OxyGuard Heavy-Duty pH Probes

These OxyGuard pH Probes are designed for use in applications where standard sealed or gelled electrolyte combination electrodes give unstable measurements or have short lifetimes. They utilize the tried-and-tested principle of feeding a small, continuous supply of liquid electrolyte to the reference electrode part of the system. This ensures an outflow of electrolyte at all times through the small ceramic inserts of the reference electrode, which helps to keep the inserts clean and maintain stable measurements. A special design of combination electrode is used. It is fed with electrolyte from a separate container. The design permits pressurization of the container and reference electrolyte chamber with compressed air.

The inclusion of a preamplifier directly above the electrode ensures reliable, steady measurements in industrial environments, where the electrical disturbance of pH measurements signals is otherwise often seen.

Most of these OxyGuard pH probes can now be supplied with a probe cleaning system that effectively cleans deposits from the electrode tip without removing the probe from the process fluid. The cleaning process takes only one or two seconds, and can often take place without disturbing the measurement value. Either air or compressed air can be used as a cleaning fluid.

A separate brochure is found for heavy-duty immersion types of probes.