OxyGuard Hygienic pH/redox Probe

This is a special version OxyGuard Heavy Duty pH/redox Probe. Heavy duty probes are designed for use in applications where standard sealed or gelled electrolyte combination electrodes give unstable measurements or have short lifetimes. It utilizes the tried-and-tested principle of feeding a very small, continuous supply of liquid electrolyte to the reference electrode part of the system. This helps to keep the small ceramic inserts of the reference electrode clean and maintain stable measurements. A special design of combination electrode is used. It is fed with electrolyte from a separate container. The design permits the pressurization of the container and reference electrolyte chamber with compressed air.

The inclusion of a preamplifier directly above the electrode ensures reliable, steady measurements in industrial environments, where the electrical disturbance of pH measurement signals is otherwise often seen.

In this version of the probe the electrode housing is machined from a solid block of PVDF, and it fits a standard ND40 dairy fitting. It is designed to be mounted on pipes that are cleaned at up to 130°C and 2 bar, i.e. that are steam sterilized.

Technical Advantages

  • Greatly increased electrode lifetime (compared with gelled electrolyte combination electrodes).
  • Stable measurements - insensitive to electrical disturbance.
  • Electrode holder manufactured from PVDF for pipe temperatures up to 130°C.
  • For mounting with standard ND40 dairy fitting.
  • Can be used on pressurized systems - reference electrolyte container can be pressurized to 0.5 bar above process pressure.
  • Hermetically sealed top, with preamplifier etc.
  • Easy and quick electrode replacement when needed.
  • Easy calibration - easily removed from the process, the electrode remains protected by the holder.


pH Range: 0-14 pH.
Redox Range: 0 to -1000 mV and 0 to + 1000 mV.
Operating temperature: Max. 130°C.
Operating Pressure: Max. 2 bar at 130°C, Max. 8 bar at 60°C.
Size: Max. diameter 50 mm + electrolyte fitting. Height approx. 225 mm (to top of cable gland).
Materials: Wetted parts SS 304 and PVDF.

Ordering Information

K06P: Hygienic pH Probe.
K06R: Hygienic redox/ORP probe.


K10PELS: Heavy-duty pH electrode.
K10E4500: 500 ml pH 4 calibration buffer.
K10E7500: 500 ml pH 7 calibration buffer.
K10E41L: 1 l pH 4 calibration buffer.
K10E71L: 1 l pH 7 calibration buffer.
K10REFCON: Reference electrolyte container.
K103M0500: 500 ml 3 mol. KCL reference electrolyte
K103M01L: 1 l 3 mol. KCL reference electrolyte.
K10TEMP: Temperature sensor for automatic temperature compensation in pH Alpha and pH Plus.
K10RELS: Heavy-duty redox/ORP electrode.
K10RCH25: 250 ml redox check solution.
K10RCH50: 500 ml redox check solution.
K10RCH1L: 1 l redox check solution.