OxyGuard Model 840

The 840 System has been designed to overcome the disadvantages that traditional dissolved oxygen measurement systems have when measuring in waste water treatment tanks, and consists of an OxyGuard Model 840 dissolved oxygen probe with display box and an OxyGuard Pioneer probe mount. An EasyCal calibrator can be used to give near-instantaneous calibration.

  • 2-wire connection (current loop) - loop supply 15 to 35 VDC.
  • Output 4-20 mA.
  • Measures in ppm (mg/l) or % saturation.
  • No need for calibration tables.
  • If you use the EasyCal you can calibrate in 2 minutes total time.
  • Fully galvanically isolated.
  • Correct measurements - measures 30 cm under the surface.
  • Measurement unaffected by torrential rain, wind or strong sunshine.
  • Self-cleaning action, no build-up of fatty deposits on membrane.
  • True zero - no zero adjustment.
  • Excellent long-term stability.
  • Extremely long calibration and cleaning intervals (6-12 months).
  • Tough membrane, 100 micron thick, practically unbreakable.
  • No need for ANY service - just calibrate and keep the membrane clean!
  • Gives closer aerator control, better economy.
  • Easy to use - no microprocessor routines.