OxyGuard MultiLog

The OxyGuard MultiLog is a compact unit designed for use with OxyGuard 4, 6 or 8 multichannel units. It uses the analogue outputs of the multichannel unit, and its memory is shared between the number of channels (from 1 to 8) used. The user can easily change the configuration, e.g. to change the number of channels used or to give each channel its particular tag name.

The MultiLog is configured and records are observed by using a PC running the MultiLog software under Windows. The software includes graphing facilities that permit the display of records singly or in groups as desired, with two different vertical axes and unlimited zoom in/zoom out function. Measurements are easily transferred to the PC for storage, or for transfer to most popular spread sheets. The MultiLog can be connected to the PC whilst logging, permitting on-line real-time observation of conditions!

The Multilog uses a long-distance communication system, permitting multi-drop operation over large distances, with any number of MultiLogs connected to one PC. A small communication converter that plugs into a PC COM port is provided.

Technical Advantages

The datalogger meter is housed in a plastic enclosure with terminal strip for connection to the multichannel unit and 9-pin connector for connection to the COM port of a PC via the communication converter. The memory (15000 cells or 60000 cells) is divided between the number of channels used.The MultiLog can also be used as an on-line measurement interface between a multichannel unit and a PC. The communication distance can be up to 1 km.

The MultiLog software is used both to configure the MultiLog and to manipulate the data recorded in it. The software runs under Windows, and is easy to use - it also includes a graphing facility. For further treatment data can be transferred to a spreadsheet in a matter of moments.


Inputs: Max. 8, single-ended, current loop 0/4 to 20 mA. A version with galvanically separated inputs is available as an option. Inputs can be configured to any parameter.

Output: MultiLog S - RS 232; MultiLog MDB and MDX - RS 422, with RS422 to RS232 converter for connection to PC.

Resolution: 8 bit

Encapsulation: IP 65

Operating temp.: 0 to 50°C

Data Capacity: 15000 or 60000 readings in non-volatile memory

Log rate: Programmable from 1 second to 1 hour.

Software: Windows compatible - very easy to use. Extensive multi-axis graphing facility. Data can easily be exported to spreadsheet.

Ordering Information

MultiLog S (Stand-alone) A051SAL, with 60K memory A052SAL.

MultiLog MDB (MultiDrop Basic) A051MDB, with 60K memory A052MDB.

MultiLog MDX (MultiDrop Extension) A051MDX, with 60K mem. A052MDX.

Add suffix "D" for differential input types.

Application Data

Images showing setups for Solitary and Multidrop usage are contained in the downloadable pdf brochure on the right.