OxyGuard Pacific

The OxyGuard Pacific is a measuring, monitoring and control system designed for use in fish farms. It is both multichannel and multi-parameter, and forms a modular small-size complete system. A member of the Commander series of equipment, it can be used both as a stand-alone system or as part of a larger Commander system.

An important feature of Pacific is its extensive connection capabilities. It has P-NET data bus for connection to other Commander components, IP connection for LAN or internet, Profibus for use with other field bus systems and two USB ports that can be used for a number of purposes. It also has an SD card socket for data interchange.

An additional feature is the option that enables Pacific to connect to an OxyGuard Wireless Probe system, where the various probes and other measuring, monitoring and control devices interconnect using wireless signals. The Oxyguard Pacific accepts wired or wireless probes.

Pacific brings the complete functionality of Commander to small systems and to installations where few measurements and points of control are situated at large distances from each other.

Pacific is also ideal for sea cages. Remote access to the Pacific unit on the feed barge can be made, for example, using wireless LAN or through a wireless internet connection. A visiting treatment ship can connect to the probes without interfering with connection to the main Pacific unit.

Pacific Specifications