OxyGuard Rotox with built-in continuous electrode cleaner

The OxyGuard Rotox is a measurement armature for redox/ORP with built-in electrode cleaner. The cleaner operates continuously, effectively preventing passivation and coating of the electrode. The sensitivity of the electrode remains unaltered, permitting long-term use without the need for maintenance or service.

The basic model incorporates a measurement chamber and is intended for use at up to 1/2 bar pressure. Other versions are available, i.e. for higher pressures and for immersion. The Rotox can also be fitted with a pressurized electrolyte reference electrode.

The OxyGuard Rotox can be used as a valuable component in the control of ozone water treatment in fish farming, drinking water production etc., bleaching processes, hypochlorite production, waste neutralization in the electro-plating industry and other uses where the efficiency of the process depends on, or can be improved by, reliable long-term redox measurements.

The Rotox consists of a plastic cylinder in three sections. The upper part houses the cable terminations and the geared motor that drives the cleaning mechanism. The centre part has 1/4" pipe thread inlet and outlet connections for the sample water that is to be measured, a ring electrode of platinum and a reference electrode. The cleaning mechanism, magnetically coupled to the motor, rests on the platinum electrode. The slow rotation of the cleaner gently scrapes the electrode clean. A mounting plate is found behind the centre section. The lower part forms the measurement chamber. This is screwed in place and has an O-ring seal. The magnetic coupling of the cleaning mechanism keeps it resting on the electrode surface, and there are no axles or glands that can corrode or leak. The Rotox is ideal for use where normal platinum electrodes are quickly passivated, such as in the measurement of dissolved ozone.


Construction: Plastic cylinder in three sections with two 5m long leads.
Principle: Measurement chamber with platinum redox electrode and separate reference electrode. Rotating cleaner for measurement electrode.
Dimensions: 80 mm dia. x 192 mm.
Sample water connections: 1/4" parallel pipe thread (female).
Measurement Electrode: Platinum.
Reference Electrode: Heavy-duty industrial type. Can also be supplied with pressurized electrolyte reference electrode for use in extreme conditions or pressurized systems.
Operating Pressure: Max. 0.5 bar. Higher pressure versions available.
Operating Temperature: 0-50°C.
Cleaner Motor Supply: 24 VAC from 230/24 V trafo.

Ordering Information

K071: OxyGuard Rotox flow-through Probe.
K07REF1: Reference electrode for Rotox probe.
K10RCH25: 250 ml check solution.
K10RCH50: 500 ml check solution.
K10RCH1L: 1 l check solution.