OxyGuard Sea Profile 505

The OxyGuard Sea Profile 505, a version of OxyGuard’s DO Profile probe, incorporates a 3-wire transmitter with galvanic isolation. Like the DO Profile it has a very fast response time and a short temperature equilibrium time and is designed specially for profiling measurements in ponds, lakes and the sea. It is (unlike other types of dissolved oxygen probe) NOT sensitive to hydrogen sulphide! The transmitter has a nominal output of 0-5 V. The Sea Profile 505 is also available with a built-in temperature sensor, also with transmitter and 0-5 V output.

The measurement process in standard dissolved oxygen probes is such that the whole probe must attain temperature equilibrium with the surroundings before correct measurements are obtained. The OxyGuard Sea Profile 505 overcomes this problem - it measures correctly immediately thanks to its innovative and technologically advanced design!

The Sea Profile 505 also has a true zero, built-in temperature compensation and a rugged membrane. The probe does not need a zero calibration; when there is no oxygen present at the membrane the probe has an output corresponding to less than 1% saturation. The electronics of the transmitter is designed so that it does not contribute any zero error. The probe's electrolyte is not altered or consumed by the measurement process, so that the only factor to be calibrated for is the change in the permeability of the membrane due to the inevitable effects of deposits and ageing. The membrane is tough and can be wiped clean with a soft cloth or paper as needed.

The output signal is directly proportional to the oxygen partial pressure sensed, i.e. is compensated for the temperature characteristics of the membrane. The 0-5V output of the Sea Profile 505 corresponds to approximately 0-200% saturation. Renovation is a simple and easy process that is described later in this document. This should be performed when the electronics connected to the probe no longer can be adjusted to calibrate.

The Sea Profile 505 can be supplied fitted with a measurement chamber. This is, however, only advantageous for near-static measurements where water flow past the membrane is less than 2 cm/sec. This is because this probe does not require zero calibration or calibration in calibration fluid but is calibrated in the air, and also only consumes a small amount of oxygen for its measurement. The measurement chamber can be supplied to customer specification.

The probe is supplied fitted with a connector or lead to suit customer specification.

Technical Information


Sea Profile 505

Output Signal: Nominal 0-5 V = 0-200 %saturation

Temperature Compensation: Built into probe.

Response Time: Oxygen: 90% within 10 sec. for a 100% step change, same temp.

Temperature compensation: approx. 10 sec. per 10°C

Connections: To customer specification

Accuracy (oxygen): +/- 1% of measured value. together

Accuracy (temp. comp.): +/- 2% of measured value between 5 and 25°C

Ordering Information

D041S: OxyGuard Sea Profile 505 probe for %sat measurements.

D041ST: OxyGuard Sea Profile 505 probe for %sat and temperature measurements.

D04XE250: 250 ml. electrolyte;

D04XM: 25 membranes.