Ozone generators

Engineers at O3 Solutions have designed the newest and most efficient ozone integrated systems on the market, using the latest precision Plasma Block™ Technology and Pulse Density Modulating Generators. Running above 20,000 hertz, these units will perform at the highest efficiencies in the industry for a long and trouble free operation.

Ozone is 12.5 times more soluble in water than oxygen. This allows ozone to dissolve into water at more than 500 ppm and can saturate the water with dissolved oxygen following degradation.

There are numerous applications for ozone dissolved in water. Aquariums, pools, spas, bottling plants, food plants, drinking water, RO water, wastewater, cooling towers and many more.

The ozone insures the system and water are bacteria free. Ozone is 50 times more powerful and over 3000 times faster acting than chlorine bleach. For this reason, ozone is used at beverage and food processing plants throughout the world. Ozone insures that the quality of the water is meeting the strict guidelines of each processing plant. Because ozone can be produced onsite and on demand, the effect is reduced chemical cost, storage, handling and added plant safety.

No System Warm Up Required

Unlike older systems which may be running continuously to an ozone destruct unit, the O3 Solutions design can startup and shut down instantly. With the oxygen system in standby mode, the generators are always ready to perform at peak efficiencies. All high voltage is safely contained completely within the plasma block. This eliminates shock hazards and dirt build up which can cause dangerous flash over.

Instant Ozone When Needed

Due to the micro gap design, high concentration ozone is always ready to operate at peak performance. Should the system require 100% ozone, O3 Solutions' architecture will start the plasma on demand and shut down the plasma as the system dictates.

Variable Ozone Output Option

Should there be a requirement for varying the ozone output, O3 Solutions' design can allow for a linear turn down to 1%. This is very unique in the industry and allows the operator to keep a very precise control on the systems organic loading requirements.

No Glass Tubes

Glass tubes in older systems require special handling and care and are expensive to replace. Operating at high voltages and lower frequency they require a specific warm up period and tend to be somewhat tempermental. Ask anyone who is using this older technology about the maintenance aspect of tube replacement and upkeep.

Huge Energy Savings

Micro Channel™ design results in high concentration ozone at 23,000 hertz/3200 volts. Precision machined aluminum block eliminates inefficient hot spots. Only a 2 psi drop with 10 LMP flow. Maximum cell pressure is over 100 psi. As with any cell the most predictable performance occurs with positive pressure domain. Running at full load the cell only uses 250 watts for an air cooled unit. An O3 Solutions system with two Plasma Block™ cells and oxygen system will use about the same power as a microwave oven. ( ~ 1500 watts @ 120 volts) This should produce over 3 pounds or 1365 grams of ozone per day making it the most efficient system on the market. When you calculate the instant on/off feature the energy saving are tremendous. Water cooled cells are also available and supply ozone amounts up to three times more.


  • Close tolerance machining process eliminating inefficient hot spots.
  • 10 LPM with just 2 PSI drop.
  • Over 100 PSI Operating Cell Pressure.
  • Maximum Efficiencies due to extremely small dielectric air gap.
  • Operating at above 20,000 hertz for silent operation.
  • Linear control to 1% utilizing Pulse Density Modulating technology.
  • UL and CSA listed inverter and UL-508 panel.
  • Multi Zone Function Ozone Output with Six Zones with one machine.
  • Rugged Industrial design for harsh conditions.

O3 Solutions Plazmatics Ozone Generator interior shot