WMT Disc Filters

WMT Microscreen Drum & Disc Filters

Mechanical, self-cleaning filters designed to achieve high performance in systems where prevention of particle fragmentation is essential.

Solids laden water gravity flows through the filter and solids catch on the inside of the screen.

Clean water passes through the screen as a backwash rinse system backs the solids off the screen and into a sludge trough. WMT Microscreens work without pressure and are designed with few moving parts to ensure long life and low maintenance costs.

WMT Disc filters, which are made in about 10 standard sizes, are especially suitable when you need a compact filter with fine filtration and a large filter area (up to 90 m 2 per unit).

Thanks to the modular structure, you can choose just a small number of discs for the initial installation and then, if increased flow needs arise, extra discs can easily be added.

The WMT Disc filter is a range of microscreens for solids removal and product recovery. The disc design is particularly advantageous when a large filter area is needed.

The compactness of the disc filter configuration result in 2-3 times more filter area compared with drum filters with same external dimensions. This makes the WMT Discfilter a good choice for recirculation systems, effluent polishing of waste water, fine filtration of intake water, or other applications where a space-saving filter with fine filter openings and large filter area is required.

In normal operation the disc filter is approximately 60 % submerged and the head loss across the screen varies between 50 and 200 mm. Maximum allowable head loss in continuous operation is 300 mm. Back-wash and rotation can be continuous or controlled by an automatic level control system.

The disc filter is made of stainless steel to 304SS or 316SS. For corrosive environments, components can be made of titanium or special alloys. Filter cloth is made of polyester or 316SS.

Flexibility is a key word for the WMT Discfilter. The filter elements are easy to change if different filter opening sizes are needed. There is space for up to 10 discs on the largest size. A filter can be installed with fewer discs than it has space for and more discs can be added to the filter when the flow rate increases.