Garden Creek

Project Profile

Project Name: Garden Creek Farms

Location: Challis, Idaho

Established: Systems Delivered 2014

Species: Tilapia & Barramundi

Application Description: PRAS

Annual Production: 120,000 lbs / year indoor, 120,000 lbs / year outdoor raceways

Products and Services Provided by WMT: Garden Creek Farms is a facility that produces Tilapia and Barramundi for domestic and international markets. WMT provided Garden Creek with a complete PRAS design package and equipment. The system is able to turn its eight, 20ft diameter tanks, over three times a year for an annual production of 120,000 lbs. Due to the integrated monitoring system, they are able to maintain a stocking density of 0.5 lbs/gal, which is well above the conservative designed stocking density of 0.3 lbs/gal. For additional information, visit