R&R Aquafarm Turtle

Project Profile

Project Name: Turtle Nursery

Location: State of Maryland, USA

Constructed: Spring, 2015

Application Description: Greenhouse, dual recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)

Species: A variety of turtles.

Maximum Carrying Capacity: RAS A, 700 lbs, 76 nursery tanks. RAS B, Brood-stock, variable, 3 tanks with sand landings.

Products and Services Provided by WMT: RAS design: Multi-level tanks, filtration, walkway and stair systems. Complete AutoCAD drawing sets, phone support and commissioning visit.

Equipment:Custom HDPE turtle tanks, tank flow and level control, drum filter, MB3 moving bed bio-reactor, water pumps, Ultra-Aqua ultraviolet sterilizers, radial-flow settler, sump and wastewater handling systems.