Seafood Innovations Fish Stunner


Corrosion and water resistant: All components are stainless steel, high strength polymer, or annodised aluminium to eliminate electrolysis and corrosion, protective coatings and coverings have been applied to ensure a long service life in-spite of the corrosive marine environment..

High velocity stunning: The SI~5 captive bolt has been designed to more effectively provide a consistent instantaneous and irreversible stun. This has been achieved by providing greater velocity and less momentum causing greater shock to the fish's brain without causing inefficient penetrative damage. The SI~5 is effective with a single hit.

Reliability: The captive bolt has also been designed so that it will not slip down and returns to the same position each time thereby delivering all blows with equivalent force.

Size Range: The size and species range has been extended to cover fish in the range 500g to 14.0kg.

Low maintenance and service costs: Constructed for durability in the Marine Environment. All components are modular and can be replaced in minutes even in the field. Pneumatic controls are located in a purpose built protective casing.

Self-feeding delivery and flow through design: The SI~5 delivery system (Patent Pending) draws fish to the stunner inlet channels while the SI~5 trigger system allows the fish to actuate the stunner and pass right through.

Seafood Innovations complete harvesting solution is the simple way to dispatch fish easily, instantaneously, irreversibly, efficiently, and humanely.


SI-5 Stunner

  • Corrosion and water resistant
  • High velocity stunning
  • Reliable
  • Handles large size range with no adjustment
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Self-feeding delivery and flow through design

Add-on Product Specifications

Automated Flow Through System

  • Designed to allow for behaviour-based, in water, delivery of fish to the stun and bleed machines (stress-free)
  • Two (2) to twelve (12) or more channels
  • Fifteen (15) fish per minute per channel
  • 3600+ fish per hour (4 channel system)
  • 180+ fish per minute (12 channel system)
  • Low stress continuous delivery with no physical damage to the fish

Count Manager

  • Convenient way to control and monitor harvest
  • Track average and real-time system flow rates
  • Master units display the count on a large LED display screen in multiple formats
  • Total rate monitor (minute by minute flow) or total count, or even scroll through stunner performance rates
  • Software allows checks and logging of harvest progress including date and time for analysis
  • Does not require an operator present to run

SI-5 Bleeder

  • Specifically designed multi-faced blades
  • Blade cuts through the major blood vessels/gills of the fish without entering the heart
  • Enhances blood loss before coagulation can occur
  • Improved flesh quality

Bleed Table

  • Allows time for 'bleed out'
  • Enables the collection of undiluted blood
  • Easy treatement/disposal of collected blood