WaterTek MB3 Moving Bed Media

WMT’s WaterTek MB3 polyethylene media is robust, durable and bacteria friendly; With a specific density slightly below 1.0, the media fluidizes easily with air. MB3 delivers a self cleaning outer surface with plenty of protected inner surface area.

MB3 media was evaluated against and found to outperform both Kaldnes and EEC media. For full details of the results, please review the ICRA 2008 proceedings in the documents section, Pfeiffer & Wills Technical Brief.

The moving bed process is ideal for COD and BOD reduction as well as nitrification and denitrification.

Applications include:

Aquaculture - Fish Farming, Industrial wastewater, Municipal wastewater. MB3 is made in the USA.

Moving Bed Biofilter Styles

WMT also offers complete moving bed reactors (MBR) inclusive of rectangular or round tanks, media screens, air blower with air distribution manifold and MB3 media. (See pictures, above right and below)

There are several parts that are required for a successful moving bed biofilter, including:

  • Air Distribution and bubble disc difussers
  • Media retention screens
  • Blowers
  • FRP Vessels
  • IMF Complete systems - WMT can design a complete system to your specific application

WMT can sell an entire Moving Bed Biofilter package inclusive of all the parts required or just sell any of the parts individually. Complete Moving Bed Biofilter systems are inclusive and an integral part of WMT's IMF Complete Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) packages.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications NAPE
Data subject to change without notice.
Material Polyethylene
Color White
Specific Surface Area 184 ft2/ft3 (604 m2/m3)
Weight 7.86 lb/ft3 (126 kg/m3)
Number of Units 3740 units/ft3 (132,155 units/m3)
Surface per Unit 8 in 2 (51.6 m2)
% Hollow Space 85 %
Specific Gravity .955