WMT Belt Feeder

WMT's Deluxe Conversion kits employs superior belt material! Many of our customers informed us that over time old belt material has a tendency to develop a "memory"; The belt stands up after being rolled up tight on the dowel all year. When spring arrives and only small amounts of feed are required to feed fry, this belt problem is a nuisance to fish culturalists.

WMT uses a two ply material, the same material truckers use to cover their trailers. The deluxe kit enables you to completely rebuild your feeder for $69.00. The only thing not provided in the deluxe kit is the feeder lid and body. A complete set of instructions comes with either WMT's Basic or Deluxe Conversion Kits.

WMT Belt Feeder Lids: We never dreamed there was so much dissatisfaction with the competition's belt feeder lids. Many folks have ordered our lids to retrofit their old feeders. Here's why: If the feeders are set outside, exposed to high winds, the old lid (pop riveted on the feeder body) breaks on the bottom end, diagonal to the belt feeder clock. Why here? Because the "helper spring cover" on the old feeder serves as a stop. However, all the force is transferred to the other end where the break usually occurs. WMT's lid hinge is designed like a door hinge enabling the entire length of the lid to absorb the force of the wind.